Amasty One Step Checkout for Magento 2

Place all checkout steps on one responsive page to streamline the whole shopping process. Use customizable layouts, easily manage checkout blocks and help...


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 🚩 Challenge

Conversion rate drops have become a serious problem for many merchants. Online shoppers expect an instant and effortless checkout process. If they experience an overcomplicated page, they’re likely to leave the store and go to competitors. In such cases, the store owners lose the opportunity for potential revenue.

💫 Solution

Quickly guide shoppers through the checkout process with the Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension. This extension helps store owners to create a user-friendly checkout flow, analyze clients’ behavior, and boost store revenue by eliminating poor usability with the native integration of extra service fees.

What benefits do you get for your store

A custom checkout page tailored to your business flow


An increase in the number of completed orders


Boosted customers satisfaction from providing a faster checkout experience

See how the extension looks at the stores of our customers

Simplify native Magento 2 checkout process into one clear step

One Step Checkout Lite allows you to create a responsive checkout page in your Magento store to cover basic business needs. With the package, you can manage checkout fields, provide customers with Geo IP detection, get valuable insights from analytics, and offer your shoppers a wide variety of payment methods.

Streamline the checkout performance with a set of must-have tools

Create a checkout page that converts without additional development costs. The Pro solution provides more flexibility in design settings, allows you to earn more on extra services, and boost your retention rate.

[PREMIUM ONLY] Cover the key steps of the customer lifecycle

Build an optimal performing checkout process starting from registration, to the recovery of abandoned carts with our One Step Checkout Premium.