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Appointments and Events WordPress Booking Plugin ... Amelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can


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  • Feature:Completely redesigned and modernized Catalog Booking Form with options to add filters and category sidebar for easier user experience
  • Feature:RESOURCES – Ability to create shared or single resources that limit the bookings, available only in Pro and Developer licenses
  • Feature:Added option to allow canceling packages inside the Customers Roles Settings
  • Feature:No-Show status for easier customer management
  • Improvement:Event Organizer column added to the Events page
  • Improvement:Changed names of Exported events – each exported file is now named by event name
  • Improvement:Payment Name, Payment Status and Coupons Used Info are now part of the Employees Panels
  • German, Czech, and Dutch translations updated
  • Event Calendar Booking form improved – fixed issues with displaying more than one Event Calendar Booking on the page and issue with displaying images in the events’ galleries
  • BugFix:Fixed issue with booking recurring appointments when time slots are already booked and employees are selected randomly
  • BugFix:Fixed issue with WhatsApp Notifications and difference in language variations
  • BugFix:Fixed issue with showing the Event custom price when it is hidden on the Customize page
  • BugFix:Fixed issue with special days and unassigning services on the employee’s profile
  • BugFix:Fixed issues with the new Step-by-step Booking Form: applying primary color to the service dropdown when there is only one category; adding videos as attachments to the custom field; Period available for booking in advance
  • BugFix:Fixed multiple issues with the admin’s back-end Calendar
  • BugFix:Fixed issue with focus and scroll on the Event List Booking form
  • BugFix:Fixed issue with displaying the description in one line in the Outlook calendar
  • Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

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Documentation available in zip file


Amelia is a next-generation Appointment Booking WordPress plugin built with the newest technology by an award-winning team.

For all our users wondering about the high price, and for all users with expiring support: please reach out to us so we could provide you with detailed answers and information, and suggest currently available solutions and special offers.

Amelia is your automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can make appointments even while you sleep.

It is a comprehensive booking software, supporting:

Front-end demo | Back-end demo (admin/admin)

Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 1 Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 2 Amelia - Enterprise-Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin - 3

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