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Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Pro

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This is an extension for the Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce plugin which, in turn, is an extension of WooCommerce.Building off of the free version of this plugin, the DDWC Pro plugin extends built in features and adds in a few new ones of it’s own.


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Building off of the free version of this plugin, the DDWC Pro plugin extends built in features and adds in a few new ones of it’s own.

Auto-assign Drivers

The DDWC Pro plugin adds a few new options to the Delivery Drivers tab in your WooCommerce settings.

First, there is a setting that – when checked – will auto-assign drivers when an order is submitted by a customer.

This saves you precious time by streamlining the delivery process and giving you the ability to spend time on other areas of your business.

Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce - WooCommerce Settings
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Let Drivers Claim Orders

DDWC Pro adds an Unclaimed Orders section at the bottom of the Driver Dashboard.

When drivers click the “view” button, they are taken to a separate page and with a table of unclaimed orders.

The table displays the date each order was placed, the total dollar amount of the order and the city each order needs to be delivered to.

From this page, the driver can click “claim” button which then assigns them to the order, allows review of the full order details, and removes it from the Unclaimed Orders table.

Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Pro - Unclaimed Orders
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Accept Driver Applications

There is also a checkbox setting to override the “Unauthorized Access” message in the free version that gets displayed on the Driver Dashboard for users who are not designated as Drivers.

This setting – when checked – will give non-drivers the ability to apply to become a driver.

Delivery Driver for WooCommerce - Apply to be a driver
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The contact button within the new content for this page will link to the administrator’s email address by default, but you can select any page on your website within the settings to link the button to.

That means you can use the contact form plugin of your choice to create a separate page for users to apply to become a driver, gathering any details you’d like in the process.

SMS Communications

The DDWC Pro plugin integrates with Twilio for SMS capabilities, and you can choose this option in the admin settings to replace the email communications.

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Email Communications

The DDWC Pro plugin adds in email communications at various stages, and all emails are editable through the WooCommerce Email templates system.

Let’s look at when emails get sent, and who they’re sent to!

Driver gets an email when they’re assigned an order

In DDWC Pro, the driver assigned to an order will receive an email to let them know they’ve got a new order to deliver.

Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce - Order Assigned email example
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Customer gets an email when order is out for delivery

The Pro plugin adds in functionality that will send an email to your customer when the Driver assigned to the order marks it as Out for Delivery.

This email informs the customer of the order number and lets them know the driver is on the way with their order.

Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce - Order Out for Delivery email example
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Administrator gets an email when an order is delivered

When your driver drops off the customers order, the free version of the plugin allows the driver to mark an order as Completed.

Now with the Pro version, when the driver marks an order as Completed, the website administrator will receive an email letting them know that the order has been delivered.


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