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Easy Services Booking is an online services booking solution for Joomla CMS, This component can be used for day spas, massage therapists, hair salons..

We offer mobile-friendly, fast-loading and modern-looking website.

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Our support team is available from (Mon-Fri) 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. (GMT+5:30).
You can contact them through the contact box. You can create support ticket for better support.

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Easy Services Booking is an online services booking solution for Joomla CMS, This component can be used for day spas, massage therapists, hair salons, and PTs …. and more, and allow owners to manage their diaries and give clients the ability to book appointments online.

Main Features

  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlimited Services
  • Back end appointment management
  • Set custom trading hours
  • Block holidays and days off
  • Custom fields for client information
  • Customizable client emails
  • Multi language support
  • Basic reporting and exports
  • Client validation of appointments
  • Admin validation of appointments
  • Automatic validation of appointments
  • PayPal payment gateway support
  • Group class resources
  • Client reminders and surveys
  • SMS confirmations
  • SMS reminders
  • Front end manage diaries module
  • Jump to booking content plugin
  • Google calendar integration
  • Slimline diary view module

Last Updates

v1.3.3 (29/03/2022)

  • form should not be displayed if selected day not allowed for booking
  • Installation issue [SQL]

v1.3.1 (22/12/2021)

New Features
  • Calendar custom field type
  • "show busy slots option" moved to menu item type "Calendar Booking" [Multipage View]
  • New isolated class for Slots generation to avoid code duplication and easy dev in future.
  • hide "latest sync" widget if google integration disabled [Dashboard]
  • Some issues related to holiday recurrence
  • PHP Warning compatibility with PHP8
  • System email pagination was not working
  • Double title issue [Validated layout]
  • Show busy slots option doesn't hide busy slots in multipage view
  • Invalid start day and date when shifts disabled [Multipage View]
  • Slot with service and outside shift should not be displayed
  • search bookings was not working correctly [Bookings view] [Backend]
  • disable TZ param in rendering date [Booking Details] [Backend]
  • fatal error [Appointment view] [Frontend]
  • wrong cancellation appointment link [Appointment view] [Frontend]
  • One Language constant has no quotes [Language]

v1.2.9 (17/11/2021)

  • Libraries completely renewed using composer
  • Some improvements on google calendar integration linking
  • Summary can be displayed in service column [Bookings list]
  • Compatibility with last google calendar API integration
  • Display list of available google calendars instead of enter id manually [Calendar form]
  • Use showon attribute when enabling/disabling google integration [Calendar form]
  • Rewrite of google calendar relinking [Configuration]
  • Skip event item if not linked to any google calendar [Sync cron job]
  • Some php warnings in report layout [Dashboard]
  • old library removed no more needed
  • Some issues with google calendar events synchronization

v1.2.8.3 (01/10/2021)

  • Note that explain how to use select/radio field types [Custom Fields]
  • Creating new event was not working if joomla language is not in english [Diaries View]

v1.2.8 (09/08/2021)

  • Make sure to check slot if outside calendar trading hours before checking global trading hours
  • Make sure to remove slot outside shifts
  • Client booking validation was not working correctly [Client Validation Plugin]

v1.2.6 (17/07/2021)

  • Multipage calendar form JS code improved
  • Custom fields form display now use JLayout for better reuse
  • User appointments not displayed correctly
  • Logged user info not auto filled [Details Form]

v1.2.5 (08/07/2021)

  • Time format now use joomla constant [Trading Hours]
  • Dateparam wrong in datepicker [Quick Booking View]
  • Timezone was not correctly applied to start and end date of booking [Backend] [Bookings View]

v1.2.4 (25/06/2021)

  • Hide slot if already booked and has pending status
  • Language constants updated [Payment Plugins]
  • Wrong end date of event when service is selected

v1.2.2 (25/06/2021)

  • Date format on selected slot doesn't change [Selected Slot Layout]

v1.2.1 (08/06/2021)

New Features
  • Filter depend on services or calendars [Quick Booking View]

v1.2.0 (21/04/2021)

New Features
  • Filter by time shift [Quick Booking View]
  • Display selected slot info [Quick / Calendar views]
  • UI/UX improved [Quick Booking View]
  • AngularJS code removed and converted to JS [Quick Booking View]
  • Views names and descriptions updated [Backend]
  • Checkout Layout style option moved to calendar menu item params [Config] [Calendar View]
  • Report view removed not useful [Reports view]
  • Duplicate title [Quick Booking View]
  • Removed some non used xml tags in views
  • Services select not updated correctly when resource changed
  • Download ID was not saved
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