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These are exactly the same files ( WordPress Wizard Guides distributed by Code Canyon , but we dont offer any additional author services like authors support and license keys. If you want to get support, you should buy it from the Code Canyon, however we can help you how to activate the plugin. Please do not forget to back up your plugins and themes before starting the update. Maxkinon.com is not affiliated with or in any way related to third-party developers or trademark owners, including WordPress, WooCommerce, WooThemes, Yoast, etc. Please check if the product is the current version before purchasing. You can request updates if necessary.

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  • upgrade Gatsby and dependencies
  • add Facebook Comments integration
  • add GraphComment.com integration
  • flow-ui-widgets: add locale to Seo component props
  • add Facebook Comments & GraphComment to theme Post pages


  • gatsby-blog-core: remove trailing slash from siteUrl in theme options
  • flow-ui-layout: change logo placeholder to NONE

Bug Fixes​

  • gatsby-blog-pages: fix react key warning in authors page
  • flow-ui-widgets: fix react key warning for TOC components
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Documentation available in zip file




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FlexiBlog is a fully functional multi-purpose blog theme powered by React and Gatsby JS v3 and packed with various page layouts. With FlexiBlog, you’re not limited to local Markdown files; Contentful CMS and Strapi CMS and Netlify CMS and Sanity CMS are also supported by the theme to write your blog posts. Essential services such as Algolia search system, Mailchimp newsletter provider and Disqus commenting system are also integrated into the theme.

With the modular React powered codebase, customization is developer-friendly and with the help of Gatsby’s Component Shadowing feature, you can easily modify any page or component in the template. The final product is a blazing fast and SEO friendly static site that you can upload to modern hosting providers such as Netlify, Vercel, Github, Firebase and Amazon S3 or traditional hosting services.

Gatsby Contentful Strapi Sanity Netlify Theme


  1. puthawalasajid5

    hey i recently bought this theme, when i start it send me Customer Portal
    page “https://elegantstack.netlify.app/flexiblog/getting-started/migrating/” where it verify purchase. So can you tell me what i do.

    • Maxkinon

      Kindly download the new version. Thank you.

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