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Our extension uses the Elasticsearch engine – a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine to index data and perform the search. Hence…

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Elasticsearch is a RESTful, distributed search and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene. Since the first version of Elasticsearch was released in 2010, it has quickly become the most popular search engine, and is commonly used for log analytics, full-text search, and operational intelligence use cases.

Managing Big data

New technology that marries big data concepts with search, which can provide revolutionary improvements in the reliability, cost-of-ownership and flexibility. The technology is trusted by a lot of big companies and organizations such as Ebay, Mozilla, Github, …

Real-time search

Fast, very fast speed is the first thing that Elasticsearch will impress you. Once you finish typing in the search box, select types or change a search mode, search results are immediately returned without a delay.

Multiple Facet Filters

Users can filter search results by content type, by categories, by language, by access, by author, by custom fields of Joomla, VirtueMart, eShopping, AdsManager, JReviews, .. This powerful filter system enables users quickly find expected results from thousands or millions of records with just some simple clicks.

Geo-distance Query

This feature specially supports location-based extensions such as EasySocial, JomSocial, JEvents, DJ-Classifieds,… It enables users to narrow search results within a specific distance from a geo point.

Update Index Settings

This advanced feature enables to take full advantage of Elasticsearch’s abilities. It enables you to configure the analyzer for the index, to change Character FiltersTokenizer and Token Filters to meet the requirements of search that your website needs.

Advanced search module

You can control everything on search form and search result like specifying which types of content will be returned, optimizing search results with Scoring and Boosting or controlling number of items per page ..etc..

Support 3rd party extensions

Geek ElasticSearch works compatibility with most Joomla! core data. Moreover, it provides plugins to index data of 3rd party extensions like Virtuemart, Kunena, K2… then make the indexed data available for search results.

Incremental Update

The component supports to run incremental update of the index. It will only update the content that have only partially changed. It improves indexing time because only part of a content is indexed instead of having to re-index the entire content.

Cron Job

You can setup task to run indexing of your content automatically from a cron job, Geek ElasticSearch indexer can be run as a command-line application.

Keep up-to-date

The component comes with two plugins with functions of trigger during the content creation process of Joomla components and immediately update the ElasticSearch index.

Manage Indexed Content

This feature offers a helpful option to control which items available or unavailable to visitors on your website.


Elasticsearch is an open source (Apache 2 license), distributed, a RESTful search engine built on top of the Apache Lucene library. Elasticsearch was introduced a few years after Solr. It offers a distributed, multitenant-capable, full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface (REST) and schema-free JSON documents. The distributed search engine includes indices that can be divided into shards, and each shard can have multiple replicas. Each Elasticsearch node can have one or more shards, and its engine also acts as a coordinator to delegate operations to the correct shard(s). Elasticsearch is scalable with near real-time search. The major feature list includes: Distributed search, Multi-tenancy, An analyzer chain, Search Analytics, Grouping & aggregation, …


Geek ElasticSearch supports 3 hosted ElasticSearch services that are Searchly, Elastic Cloud and AWS ElasticSearch.

Searchly offers you another option of hosting cloud search with a reasonable price, you can select a plan that suits your needs. Searchly provides powerfull features to fulfill your Elasticsearch deployment. It is easy to create indices and setup access policy.

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