Mageworks Advanced Product Options Suite extension for Magento 2

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Advanced Product Options Suite Extension by MageWorx for Magento 2 · Upgrade product description with extra custom options · Easily assign options templates to ...


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With the default Magento functionality, you have to add options (e.g. color, size, gender, material, etc. ) for each product separately. That’s why the whole process of product options creation and management can become quite a challenging and time-consuming thing (especially when you have a big amount of different product variants). This is where the Advanced Product Options Suite extension for Magento 2 comes in handy.

With the toolkit, you can quickly create and customize, as well as easily track and manage every single custom product option in your store. Use the advanced templates to create product options with complex configurations, set product option dependencies, add and optimize option’s images (including those of the swatch type), accurately track the inventory, set options’ pricing, and a lot more!


Feature Summary

Bypass Options-Per-Product Limitation

Create custom options templates for an unlimited number of products. Forget about the manual configuration of options separately for each product. With product options templates, you can quickly add an unlimited number of options for any product and specify such product parameters as size, color, dimension, RAM, print, manufacturer, brand, or whatever variants your product may have.

  • Quickly add an unlimited amount of product custom options with the help of the advanced templates
  • Assign templates to any chosen product(s)/group(s) of products
  • Create templates by a product SKU or ID
  • Specify the input type for the custom options (checkbox, drop-down, radio-buttons, multiple select, and dozens more), and more.

Learn how to set up custom options templates from this video tutorial.


Display Product Variants

Add image/color swatch. Create a beautiful visual presentation of each and every product variant. With image/color swatch functionality, you can:

  • Equip products with an unlimited amount of image/color* options of the swatch type (*currently, the color options can be loaded as images only)
  • UNIQUE Add text custom options of the swatch type (aka “button” style)
  • Display the custom option image instead of the main product’s one
  • Upload multiple images for a chosen product option
  • Display option images in the preview tool-tip, or show them near/below product options, and much more, and more

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the extension enables you to display the option’s image and description in the special preview tool-tip.

Learn how to add images to product custom options from this video tutorial.


Create Conditional Product & Option Combos

Set AND/OR custom options dependencies. Create products with a wide range of options (e.g., size, color, dimensions, etc.) and display them depending on the customer’s initial choice. Apply OR dependency to let shoppers select the child product option only after they have picked up the parent one. For example, if you’re selling T-shirts, you can display a custom option ‘Color’ only when the ‘Size’ variant is selected. Apply AND dependency to let shoppers select the child product option only after all parent options are chosen. For instance, if you’re selling cell phones, you can unlock free shipping option only after the customer selects a specific model, capacity, and case.

Learn how to set up custom options dependencies from this video tutorial.


Add Simple/Virtual Product By SKU

Do you want to sell some of your products as an option for a specific item? By default, you’d need to create a bundled product, which would eat up much of your time. The Advanced Product Options add-on allows you to use SKU to effortlessly add simple/virtual products as an option for the basic product. Additionally, such linked product attributes like name, quantity, and others will get displayed.


Conveniently Configure Product Options

Set any custom values, including weight, cost, pricing, and more. Easily set weight and cost values for custom product options. This way, you’ll provide customers with accurate shipping costs on the cart page, and calculate the net profit each product variant brings. Even more, you can specify the option’s absolute weight/cost. If enabled, it replaces these product’s values with the ones of the custom option. The extension enables you to replace the product’s price with the option’s one when needed. Enable the absolute price for custom options templates or per product.