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OS Services Booking – Joomla Services and Appointments

By Maxkinon

Versatility. Adapt to almost Services & Appointment online booking systems like courts, massages, clinic, consulting, salon etc with flexible time slots.

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July 25, 2022





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OS Services Booking – the best Service & Appointment booking component is used for online services scheduling and appointments management


★ Unlimited Categories, Venues, Services(Appointment types) and Employees (Staff)
★ Easy to manage Orders list, Categories, Venues, Services(Appointment types) , Employees (Staff) and Custom fields
★ Services (Appointments): 2 time slots support: Standard (Normal) and Custom
★ Coupon discount supported
★ Groups discount supported
★ Emails and SMS templates management
★ Custom fields feature with additional cost for each extra field
★ Flexible Report types
★ Powerful configuration


★ Venues listing
★ Categories listing
★ Services listing
★ Employees listing
★ All items listing


★ Smart layout with Javascript and Ajax integration
★ Easy to make Services (Appointment) the booking request
★ Repeat booking request by days, weeks and months
★ Flexible booking layouts
★ Employee’s (Staff) layout – Manage orders history
★ Customer’s layout – Manage working list
★ Employees listing
★ Venues listing
★ Categories listing
★ Waiting list


★ The most popular payment gateways: Paypal, Paypal Pro, Authorize.net, Eway, Worldpay, Stripe, Sage Page and Offline payment plugins come with the extension by default.
★ Other payment gateways such as iDEAL Mollie are released as separate payment plugins. See Payment Plugins tab to see list of available payment plugins.
★ If you need a payment plugin which is not supported, you can contact us and we will give you quotation for the development.


★ Fast loading with Ajax technology
★ Reponsive & Retina layout with Bootstrap
★ PDF invoices
★ GCalendar and Outlook integration (one way)
★ ClickAtell SMS and EzTexting integration
★ Joomla Multiple languages support
★ Seo ready with Joomla Native Sef
★ Joomla User Profile integration
★ Support different language packages: English (Default), Czech, French (Français), Spanish (Español), Portuguese (Português), Russian, German (Deutsch), Turkish (Türkçe)
★ reCaptcha and OSB built in Captcha integration
★ Acymailing integration
★ Auto Upgrade


Version 2.18.0 (July 2022)
1. Add special rates feature
2. Add feature to list customers, including option to export customers to CSV
3. Add Trend Chard features to list income based on different time periods
4. Improve feature Limit booking based on check-in times
5. Add option to send Invoice in Payment complete notification emails
6. Add tag to show Order details in SMS Content
7. Add option to add/modify assigned employees in Service modification page
8. Add option to select Decimals and Thoudsands seperators
9. Add number of booked seats in Gcalendar events
10. Add option to hide paid amount at top of Checkout page
11. Other minor improvements
12. Bugs fixed

Version 2.17.0 (May 2022)
1. Add limit booking by date/week/month to Joomla Users/ Emails – applies to booking date
2. Replace Cron task by Joomla System plugin
3. Improve statistic chart feature in OS Services Booking dashboard
4. Improve Coupon feature to add Minimum applied cost
5. Add SMS plugins: SMSHosting, ClickSend beside existing SMS providers: ClickAtell, TextLocal and Eztexing
6. Hide Payment part in Checkout form when user doesn’t need to pay anything to complete their order
7. Show messages in Booking table page when popup is disabled
8. Show deposit amount in Checkout form
9. Add confirm popup in Checkout form
10. Add Button stylesheet CSS file with option to load or not
11. Show assigned employees in services list
12. Fix various minor bugs

Version 2.16.0 (March 2022)
1. Improve UX in Configuration page
2. Implement drag & drop ordering in management pages
3. Apply refund option when order cancellation
4. Add option to allow user to pay the remain amount payment of order
5. Add “Message” custom fields
6. Add Notification Emails when customers to edit or cancel their booking at frontend side

Version 2.15.0 (February 2022)
1. Retouch layouts in Joomla4 version
2. Add option to release pending orders when customers don’t make payment
3. Add Refund option for Prepaid payment plugin
4. Add notification emails to Administrator/employee/customer when the order items are removed
5. Add CSS Class for custom fields
6. Add option to block booking with specific IP Address or Joomla Users
7. Fix issues in previous versions

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