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Pulse – Music, Audio, Radio WordPress Theme

By Maxkinon

Pulse is an html template designed for Music, Audio, Radio websites. ts easy to use and customize. This template comes with light, grey, dark, black themes, also​…

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July 16, 2022





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pulse is a responsive music WordPress theme, let you manage audio, radio, music and sell the audio files to your customer. User can create their own track and playlist for playing, and add track to favorites.


  • Ajax powered music site
  • Front-end submission
  • User create playlist
  • Woocommerce music shop
  • Responsive layouts
  • Site and app layout
  • Dark and white styles
  • 4 page templates
  • One click to install demo data
  • RTL
  • Play http://soundcloud.com stream
  • Play http://www.shoutcast.com/ radio



v.2.2.0 – 30 March 19
  • Improve the Post widget.
  • Improve the User widget.
  • Improve search result
  • Disable count daily plays
  • Disable page theme when use Block Editor
  • Fix search js error
  • Fix like issue
  • Fix Woocommerce track fields
v.2.1.2 – 18 February 19
  • Add more Advertisements
  • Improvement the play/like/download count display 1000->K 1000000->M
  • Fix front-end upload js load error
  • Fix a notice on search
v.2.1.0 – 15 January 19
  • Add Advertisement in player
  • Add hearthis.at when adding track
  • Get genre/description/artwork from soundcloud.com/hearthis.at
  • Set featured image from soundcloud.com/hearthis.at
  • Fix download link when download file is on other domain
  • Fix youtube ended event
v.2.0.1 – July 15, 2018
v.2.0.0 – December 22, 2017
  • Add title on widget in WordPress admin widget area
  • Improve the charts page order
  • Fixed loading all tracks on User profile page
v.1.3.3 – December 20, 17
  • Update player to mediaelementjs 4.6.2 with WordPress 4.9.1
  • Fix blank space in user name
v.1.3.2 – December 18, 17
  • Add a search result filter
  • Add customize css/js for ajax loading other plugins
v.1.3.1 – December 7, 17
  • Fix a warning
v.1.3.0 – September 25, 17
  • Add social link on profile page
v.1.2.2 – July 14, 17
  • Add upload profile avatar in backend
  • Fix closing menu when go to another page
  • Fix a notice
v.1.2.1 – May 16, 17
  • Add download file filed
v.1.2.0 – May 9, 17
  • Add Siteorigin Page Builder support
  • Add ajax loading search result page
v.1.1.2 – May 1, 17
  • Add download button on track
  • Add video url on front-end upload form
  • Add users in search list
  • Add select tracks into music/product
  • Add plays/likes/downloads to be editable
  • Add auto fill the duration/artist fields when select the stream from local media
  • Fix header on app layout
  • Fix increase play count when click play/pause button on player
v.1.1.1 – April 25, 17
  • Add follow button on user widget
  • Fix upload link
  • Fix user can follow himself
v.1.1.0 – April 24, 17
  • Add followers/following on user page
  • Add overview on user page
  • Add user widget
  • Add videos page template
  • Add artists page template
  • Fix some issues
v.1.0.3 – March 15, 17
  • Add play count on charts page
  • Add weekly charts template
  • Add wc-vendor support
  • Add follow/following
  • Add artist tag on track post type
  • Fix some issues
v.1.0.2 – March 3, 2017
  • Add autoplay for default track
  • Fix Soundcloud play issue
v.1.0.1 – February 20, 2017
  • Fix demo data import
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