Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Price by User Role plugin empowers to set up product prices by user ... WooCommerce Role Based Pricing extension empowers you to set you.


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WooCommerce Role Based Pricing extension empowers you to set your product prices based on user roles and individual customers. You can discount or markup prices by fixed or percentage amount. Once the prices are changed only the specified customer & user roles will see the new prices, whereas the rest of the customers will see the regular prices.

This extension comes with rule-based management that allows you to change prices in bulk for a whole category or selected products. While setting up a price change, you can choose to set a minimum & maximum order quantity and restrict customers from purchasing beyond the predefined quantity limit.

You can also hide price and/or add to cart button for not logged in customers and replace them with a custom text & link. If you need to add the custom fields on the registration form and assign user roles during registration, try our Custom User Registration Plugin.

Need to set quantity-based tiered pricing for user roles? Try our WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing OR B2B for WooCommerce – an ultimate wholesale solution.


  • Adjust pricing for individual customers and user roles
  • Set a fixed product price
  • Increase price by fixed or percentage amount
  • Discount price by fixed or percentage amount
  • Change prices on the product level
  • Add rules to change prices in bulk for specific products or categories
  • Compatible with product variations
  • Set minimum & maximum order quantity
  • Replace original price in case of price increase
  • Strikethrough old price and show the new price as a special price
  • Configure start & end date for each price rules
  • Hide price & add to cart for not logged in and specific user roles &
  • Replace price with custom text
  • Replace add to cart with a new custom button & link

How Does Price Change Work?

WooCommerce Role Based pricing is a smart plugin that handles the price markup and markdown efficiently. Incase of price markup, the original price is replaced with the new increased price whereas incase of price markdown, the original price is strikethrough and the new price is displayed just below the original price. This makes your customers feel special and helps in improving the conversion rate.

WooCommerce Prices by User Roles

Pricing on Product Level

You can update the price based on the user role and customer on the product level. The product level settings enable you to,

  • Set price for each user role (Leave empty to use default price)
  • Change price for any customer
  • Specify minimum & maximum order quantity
  • Set a fixed price or increase/discount price by a percentage or a fixed amount.

Role Based Pricing on Product Page

Compatible with Product Variations:

With WooCommerce Price by User Role, you can configure separate prices of each variation. Set different prices for different user roles and individual customers.

Compatible with Variations


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