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What is Sabai Discuss?

Sabai Discuss is a premium questions and answers plugin for WordPress. The plugin features the ability for users to ask and answer questions similar to Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers.

Sabai Discuss is an ideal tool not only for building a community driven question-and-answer website but also for building a discussion forum, a knowledge base, or even a helpdesk portal for WordPress.


  • Fully responsive and flat design
  • Search questions and answers by keywords and category with user friendly auto-suggestion features
  • Filter questions and answers by custom fields
  • Create search and filter forms with visual form editor
  • Post questions and answers from the frontend
  • Post comments to both questions and answers
  • Post and edit comments inline
  • Tag questions with auto-suggest
  • Hierarchical categories
  • File attachments to questions and answers
  • Vote for questions/answers/comments both up and down
  • Close/reopen questions
  • Featured questions
  • Flagging questions/answers/comments with automatic spam moderation
  • Favorite questions and answers
  • Accept answers
  • User profile pages
  • User reputation system
  • Custom fields with visual form editor (Choice, Date, HTML, Markdown Text, Number, ON/OFF, Paragraph Text, Single Line Text, CAPTCHA, User, Section Break, File Upload, Image Upload, Video, Email, Phone Number and more)
  • Role/Reputation based permission system with over 40 permissions to configure
  • Restrict access to members of selected roles
  • Allow guest users to post questions/answers as well as accepting answers posted to their questions
  • Install multiple instances of SabaiDiscuss (by just copying 1 file and a few clicks!)
  • PHP Markdown editor for posting questions/answers and editing tag descriptions with live preview
  • Filters user HTML using HTMLPurifier for additional security
  • Code syntax highlighting using Google Prettify
  • Search questions and answers
  • CSV Importer/Exporter
  • 5 shortcodes
  • 9 WordPress widgets included
  • Template files your theme can override to customize display
  • 10 email notification templates
  • Works with any theme
  • Appropriate use of Ajax to improve page responsiveness
  • Fully translatable
  • RTL language support
  • Automatic updater (no FTP required to update the plugin)
  • Integration with point system of MyCRED and Cubepoints plugin
  • French (by nexia) translations included


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V1.4.12 – 22 APR 2022

  • Bug fixed: Some possible warning/fatal PHP errors.
  • Bug fixed: Guest author field not being imported correctly.
  • Bud fixed: Author assigned automatically during import when no author user ID specified.

V1.4.11 – 28 JUN, 2021

  • Bug fixed: Compatibility issues with PHP8.
  • Bug fixed: Some display issues causing JavaScript error.

V1.4.10 – 15 NOV 2020

  • Bug fixed: Some issues displaying content item title in the frontend.

V1.4.9 – 25 JUN 2020

  • Bug fixed: Some display issues when requesting AJAX content.
  • Bug fixed: reCAPTCHA returning error on some severs.
  • Bug fixed: Added some missing language phrases in sabai.pot language file.
  • Bug fixed: Some issues displaying large number of fields in Manage Form section.
  • Bug fixed: Some issues displaying questions and answers on mobile devices.
  • Updated: reCAPTCHA PHP library.

V1.4.8 – 27 NOV 2019

  • Bug fixed: Search results showing duplicate items on certain occasion.
  • Bug fixed: Some issues when restoring trashed posts.

V1.4.7 – 23 APR 2019

  • Bug fixed: Image not showing correctly when sharing with Facebook.
  • Bug fixed: Some issues with NextGen gallery plugin.
  • Bug fixed: Some CSS issues

V1.4.6 – 12 DEC 2018

  • Bug fixed: Search form auto-suggestion results ignoring “category” shortcode parameter

V1.4.5 – 23 AUG 2018

  • Update package version

V1.4.4 – 14 AUG 2018

  • Bug fixed: Fatal error with MyCRED when upvoting questions/answers.

V1.4.3 – 3 JUL 2018

  • Bug fixed: Empty results when exporting “Resolved Date” and “Closed Date” question fields and “Accepted Date” answer field in custom date format .

V1.4.2 – 12 JUN 2018

  • Bug fixed: Added some missing language phrases

V1.4.0/V1.4.1 – 28 MAY 2018

  • Added: GDPR: Option to add privacy policy content checkbox to guest author field
  • Added: GDPR: Mark fields as personal data so that values of the fields can be exported/erased using WordPress personal data export/erase tools.
  • Added: GDPR: Pseudonymize IP address of user votes
  • Added: Some PHP notice/warning level errors


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