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Solidres – Online Booking System & Reservation Software

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July 25, 2022





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Don’t want to pay commission for every hard-earned bookings? Got tired of PMS that charges fixed amount for fixed number of bookings? Switch to Solidres now!

Open source

You have total control over the source code and your own data. No vendor-lockin. No hidden things.

It is easy

There is no need for a tech-savvy person to install/configure and use Solidres. And you are not alone, we are here to help.


Our product comes with many additional plugins/add-ons that provide different capabilities. Or you can make your own customization/optimization, no boundaries.


Responsive Design

Solidres is built to display well in various screen sizes, from computers, tablets to mobile phones!

Multilingual support

Help you to set up and manage a multilingual online booking site.

Integrated Joomla Templates / WordPress Themes

Solidres has many beautiful templates/themes for you to choose from.

All In One

Support multiple business types

From a single hotel website to a booking portal which supports multiple hotels/vendors.

Cross-Browser Support

Solidres is compatible with all modern browsers like IE9+, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera.

Amazing Support

You can always request support via our forum and private support ticket system.



 Solidres is a great component, easy to configure. It is responsive and easily adapts to any design. The support is really efficient and friendly and quickly solves every need. I am Italian and I can say that the translation is very good. I highly recommend it. 

_ etajoom _

 This is the best extension for any room based multi properties booking businesses. The support of Solidres team is excellent. My clients are great happy with the website, I have designed using this amazing component. 

_ sanjud8209 _

 Very nice and intuitive user interface. The back end is organized cleanly into separated sections which make daily management tasks become easier. Each form label has tool tip when hovering make it easier to use without having to consult any documentation. Nice job! 

_ jennifer7 _

 This is the best extension for any room based booking businesses. Instead of trying to be “jack of all trades” booking extension, Solidres focuses on room based booking and it is doing well. It has an active development schedule, bug fixes are released quickly and support in the forum is quite good. 

_ ludivine _


  • Castanheiras do Village

    Castanheiras do Village
  • Charming Navona

    Charming Navona
  • The Artist Residence

    Tropico Di Capricornio
  • Guesthouse Arhontiko

    Guesthouse Arhontiko
  • Valentina Guest House

    Valentina Guest House
  • New Era Pension Inn

    New Era Pension Inn


  •  Joomla
  • Commercial Features

    Commercial Features


    Hub plugin provides a booking portal capacity. Read more here!

     Complex Tariff (Rate plan)

    More flexible tariff configuration (per night or per person), multiple tariffs for the same room type. Read more here!

     User plugin

    Allow guest to register an account with your site while making a reservation. Read more here!

     Flex Search

    Suggest alternatively available dates for your guest if their searched dates are unavailable.

     Limit Booking

    Need to take some of your rooms out of booking for renovation?

     Invoice & PDF

    Allows you to generate / download / email / preview invoices in the backend as well as creates email’s reservation PDF attachment.

     Channel Manager

    Avoid overbooking and manual adjustment by automatically syncing your booking data across multiple booking channels and OTA sites.

     Custom Field

    With this plugin, you will have a dedicated UI to many custom fields that without having to make a template override like before.


    Provide report and statistics ability for your Solidres with nice charts.

     Advanced Extra

    This plugin enhances the core Extras system and provides various types of charging types for your Extras.


    A plugin which provides various types of discounts for your booking system.


    Automatically update your currency exchange rates with just one click.


    This plugin allows your guest to leave feedback about their stay.


    Restrict your hotel’s staffs to specific features in the backend.


    Export and import reservations in iCal format.

     Google Analytics

    Integrate Solidres with Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking.

     Facebook Pixel

    Integrate Solidres with Facebook Pixel.

     Google Adwords

    Integrate Solidres with Google Adwords.


    Hotel’s owner can configure to receive SMS whenever a new reservation is made with this plugin.


    Record important activities in Solidres for better tracking.


    Allow customizing the reservation code.

     Experience (Tour & Activities)

    Add ability to book tour, activities, sightseeing, attractions, adventure to Solidres.


    Efficiently manage the housekeeping task via a unified user interface.

     Camera slideshow

    A nice and responsive slideshow with many effects to attract your guests.

     Quick Search

    This is a back-end module which is displayed in the top right of all pages in your Joomla backend, it allows you to search for reservation by reservation code/customer name/reservation id/transaction id.

     Module Statistics

    Show the statistics via module position which is useful if you need to show statistics in Joomla backend without having to access Solidres component.


    This module can show availability calendar of a room type. It can be published in any Joomla module position to show your room type availability calendar in front end.

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If this is a plugin and the theme must be unzipped then upload. If it’s PHP script or Android source code and other items then check the docs file available on the zip file. For info write to: [email protected]

Help and Support

Our support team is available from (Mon-Fri) 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. (GMT+5:30).
You can contact them through the contact box. You can create support ticket for better support.

You pick the plugin. We’ll take care of the rest.

Fully Managed

Premium items are fully managed by the team at Maxkinon. No security patches. No update nags. It just works.

Thousands of Items

From Maxkinon Marketplace premium plugins and themes to thousands more item we’ve got you covered.

Flexible pricing

Pay yearly and save. Or keep it flexible with monthly premium plugin pricing. It’s entirely up to you.

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