StackFood Multi Restaurant (Bundle) – Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel (with Delivery and Multi Restaurant app) v.7.2

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Nulled StackFood Multi Restaurant v.7.2 – Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel FULL with cheap price now. Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel

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Stackfood nulled 7.0


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StackFood is a complete Multi Restaurant food delivery system developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework. StackFood’s Powerful admin panel will help you to control your business smartly.



– Please register a Customer from the user app and create a Delivery Man credential yourself from the admin panel for a better experience and, One more thing, the demo database will reset 3 hours intervals.

Admin Panel   Restaurant panel   User App   Delivery Man App   Restaurant App   Web App


StackFood is a complete Multi Restaurant food delivery system developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework.

Laravel (PHP Framework for Web Artisans) is a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things.

Flutter framework created by Google is open-source mobile application development. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications.


StackFood comprises of 3 Mobile Applications, 2 Web Panel, and 1 landing page –

  • Customer application for both Android and iOS developed using Flutter.
  • Delivery Boy application for Android developed using Flutter (Not included).
  • Restaurant application for both Android and iOS developed using Flutter (Coming soon).
  • Super Admin web panel developed using Laravel (admin can provide role-based access).
  • Restaurant web panel developed using Laravel (owner can provide role-based access).
  • Landing page developed using Laravel blade.

Order Flow (Happy Path)

  • The customer places an order from a restaurant (can’t place an order from multiple restaurants at a time)
  • The delivery boys get that order in the order request section and accept it for delivery.
  • After the delivery man’s confirmation, the restaurant owner gets the order on their dashboard and starts cooking, and handover the food to the delivery boy.
  • If the order is digitally paid the order will directly go into the confirmed status and the restaurant gets the order on their dashboard (will not depend on the delivery boy’s confirmation).
  • The Delivery Guy accepts the order, confirms the order (if COD), picks up the order, and delivers the order to the Customer.
  • If self-pickup orders, the restaurant will manage all the steps.
  • For schedule orders, all the operations will start before 15 minutes of scheduled delivery time.

Top Features:

  • Draw accurate coverage area on the map: In the admin panel, you can manage multiple zones for your business coverage area. The map drawing tool will help you to draw your coverage accurately. Restaurants can be added to these zones. Only the users who are in coverage can order food.
  • Multiple Restaurants: StackFood is a multi restaurant supported system. So you can add an unlimited number of restaurants and manage those from the admin panel easily.
  • SMS OTP integrated: StackFood comes with a bunch of integrated SMS Gateways. All of them are popular and you can verify your users in a smarter way.
  • Food Management: You can control the whole Food section by managing categories and subcategories, Attributes, Addons, and more. You can add products to any restaurant. And the Restaurant panel also will get a food management feature.
  • Advanced Order Management: StackFood Food order management feature will help the admin and the restaurant manager to manage every order very efficiently.
  • Dispatch Management: Dispatch Management will help you to identify quickly which orders are ongoing and which orders are waiting for a delivery man.
  • Delivery Men Apps: You can create an unlimited number of delivery men and by Delivery men apps they can easily accept an order, deliver an order and earn money. You can set Freelancer delivery man option or Salaried delivery man option from the admin panel.
  • Manual assign delivery man: StackFood admin panel will provide you another important feature for your business. You can directly assign an available delivery man in order.
  • Marketing Section: StackFood Admin will provide you with a very rich admin panel where you can control all the major things for marketing. Campaigns, banners, Coupons and Push notifications features will help you to grow your business very fast.
  • Accounts section: You can view restaurants and delivery men’s earnings, process withdrawals, collect cash manually and have lots of staff.
  • Reporting and Statistics: Full of statistics and reporting will help you identify your business cash flow and all the financial conditions. In the dashboard, You will get very rich statistical data and you can explore those by zone and time.
  • Employee Section: StackFood Admin and Restaurant panel both have employee sections. Where you can create a new employee role and access your employee to your StackFood portal easily.
  • Business Setting: Business Settings will help you to set up your business as you wish. You will get lots of configurations to make your business unique.
  • Complete Featured User App: You will get StackFood mobile app source code with this bundle. We developed this by flutter so the app can be usable by both android and iOS.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: StackFood comes with a bunch of integrated payment gateway. All of them are popular and you can start your business immediately.
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StackFood Multi Restaurant – Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel v4.0
– Order update from admin panel.
– Restaurant Order confirmation model
– Fixed Order sound in restaurant and delivery man app
– Restaurant wise delivery man
– GST number in invoice with on/off option
– Popular and new restaurants on the home page with turn on/off option
– Category sorting. (High, Medium, Normal) – Default (Normal)
– Offday management for restaurant
– Temporary closing option for the restaurant.
– Fixed iOS notification
– Privacy policy and terms & condition page added in all app
– Some design improvements in-app and web
– Show review and rating list for the restaurant in user app
– Fixed some other issues
– Performance improvement
– New payment gateway

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If this is a plugin and the theme must be unzipped then upload. If it’s PHP script or Android source code and other items then check the docs file available on the zip file. For info write to: [email protected]
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Help and Support

Our support team is available from (Mon-Fri) 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. (GMT+5:30).
You can contact them through the contact box. You can create support ticket for better support.

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2 years ago

Thank you for sharing StackFood Multi Restaurant (Bundle). No need to buy three item. Great work Maxkinon Marketplace Team.

2 years ago

All StackFood Multi Restaurant (Bundle) work without purchase key ?

Reply to  Maxkinon
2 years ago

Thanks for Confirmation. I will buy StackFood Multi Restaurant (Bundle) Now.

Neda Wafa
Neda Wafa
2 years ago

Good to see StackFood Multi Restaurant (Bundle). Thank you Maxkinon Marketplace Team.

Neda Wafa
Neda Wafa
2 years ago

This StackFood Multi Restaurant (Bundle) comes with Web app ?

2 years ago

Is this updated to the latest version 4.0 that was released today (October 20, 2021?)

2 years ago

Please Update to the last version im waiting you since 3 days

1 year ago

All StackFood Multi Restaurant (Bundle) V5.2, work without purchase key ?
are you Sure ??

1 year ago

It works beautifully for me.

2 months ago

Does All code works?
I have purchesed from other site but it has social login errors “It shows ie. “The token field is required” but I have fullfilled all requires as SHA1 key . Tested using PC Gnerated SHA1 and Google play console’s SHA1 key. but same errors “The Token field is required
If I will buy it, It will work?

Reply to  Maxkinon
2 months ago

He told me that I can’t take gurantee. I only sell the code. As he told me

Reply to  Maxkinon
2 months ago

I am not a developer. New in flutter.
If your code works then i will buy

1 month ago

please we need the 6amTech Payment & SMS Gateway Addon for payment gateway to work through

16 days ago

When are you updating v 7.2 is out for all the apps

Reply to  Maxkinon
12 days ago

Please update. Bundle not updated. Kindly update stack food 7.2


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