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Hello, “Universal Wallpaper” is a cool new android app that gives you access to enjoy and download all the best HD, 3D wallpapers and backgrounds to your..


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Documentation available in zip file


Universal Wallpaper App is a wonderful Wallpaper android application which comes with beautiful design and a separate backend app that will help you to update the app user app by uploading Wallpapers. Overall, you can handle complete app through the backend app such as upload wallpapers as well as delete wallpapers.

Universal Wallpaper App is fully integrated with admob ads so you can easily generate revenue by reskinning the app and changing AdMob ads id.

Universal Wallpaper App Also provide notification so you upload new wallpaper then you need to infom your all user then send notification.

Demo APK with Admob Ads

Universal Wallpaper App


Demo APK with Facebook Ads

Universal Wallpaper Appr


App Features: –
1. Developed with Android Studio & Gradle
2. Material design following Android Design Guidelines
3. Fast and powerful download engine
4. AdMob (banner and interstitial ad)
5. Email
6. Share App
7. Rate App
8. More App
9. Powerfull admin panel
10. best themes
11. easy to reskin
12. clean code
13. multiple wallpaper upload in one click
14. and so many other thinks

App provide:-

1. Google ad mob. (banner ads and Interstitial Ads)
2. Rate App
3. Contact
4. Share App
5. More App

Note:- We set all available free images in this Application. All are this stickers set in local database, we do not tack responsibility for copy rights this all images.

What you get:-

1. Full Source code.
2. Full admin
3. All API
4. Design in screenshot.
5. Documentation.


1. Android
2. android studio
3. android phone (OS 5.0 later)
4) phone and tablet support
5) android (Development language)

Universal Wallpaper App

Admin screenshot


Universal Wallpaper App


Reskin / Installation:-

1. Upload app in Play store
2. Add your logo.
3.Splash Screen.
4. setup notification
5. App Name
6. Package Name
7. Admob

Above charge Just in $50.

  • All design and play developer account provide by the client.


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