WooCommece ConstantContact Integration

The WooCommerce Constant Contact integration lets you signup customers to your Constant Contact email lists during checkout. Use the included widget to ...


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WooCommerce Constant Contact

This product has been retired and is no longer for sale. Please use the free plugin from Constant Contact as a replacement.


The WooCommerce Constant Contact integration lets you signup customers to your Constant Contact email lists during checkout. Use the included widget to add a signup form to other areas of your site and start building your email list today.



  1. Download the extension from your WooCommerce dashboard
  2. Goto Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate
  4. Click the Configure link and read the next section to learn how to setup and configure the plugin.
This extension requires a Constant Contact account, WooCommerce 2.3 or newer, and cURL installed on your server (don’t worry, most servers have this by default)


Setup and Configuration

This plugin uses the Constant Contact v1 API, so v2 API keys should not be used until you see a notice about upgrading in the changelog.

These instructions on obtaining API keys are for the v1 API.

To get started, go here and login with your Constant Contact username and password:

WooCommerce Constant Contact Setup 1

Next, click the link to request a new API key:

WooCommerce Constant Contact Setup 2

Now, enter your website address for the display name, your email for the technical contact, and enter “WordPress/WooCommerce Integration” for the Application Description. You may leave the rest of the fields blank.

WooCommerce Constant Contact Setup 3

Submit the form, and check the box on the next page to agree to the terms, then hit “Request an API Key”:

WooCommerce Constant Contact Setup 4

Now, copy the Key listed on the next page:
WooCommerce Constant Contact Setup 5

Then paste it into the API Key text box under WooCommerce > Settings > Constant Contact:

WooCommerce Constant Contact Integration Settings
Constant Contact Admin Settings


Now enter your Constant Contact username and password and hit “Save Settings”. You should see the email lists from your Constant Contact account appear in the “Email List” box. Select which email list you want customers’ email addresses to be added to when they sign up at checkout. Click “Save Settings” and you’re done! Read on to learn more about the settings and other extension features.

Extension Settings

  • Subscribe Checkbox Label – This is the text that appears to the signup checkbox on checkout, which by default looks like:WooCommerce Constant Contact Checkout Signup
  • Subscribe Checkbox Default – Choose whether the signup checkbox is checked or unchecked by default.
  • Email List – Choose the Constant Contact email list that email addresses will be added to when a customer has opted in during checkout.
  • ConstantContact.com Username – This is the username that you use to log into constantcontact.com.
  • ConstantContact.com Password – This is the password that you use to log into constantcontact.com.
  • API Key – This is the API key obtained by following the process detailed above.
  • Debug Mode – Turn this on if you are having issues. Any errors will be logged to the WooCommerce error log, which you can submit along with a support ticket.



Checkout Signup

By default, a checkbox will be added to the checkout page that will add the email address used by the customer (their billing email address) to the Constant Contact list specified in the admin settings:

WooCommerce Constant Contact Signup

Order Received Signup

A message is also added to the “Order Received” page with a button that will add the customer to the email list. This is displayed so that customers who might have missed the signup checkbox on the checkout page have an opportunity to sign up, and so that customers who have checked out using a payment gateway like PayPal Express (which completely skips the checkout page) also have an opportunity to signup. You can control the content of this message by using the filters detailed below.

Displayed on the Order Received page
Displayed on the Order Received page
Displayed when the customer clicks the "Subscribe Now" button
Displayed when the customer clicks the “Subscribe Now” button

Widget Signup Form

You can also add a widget anywhere on your site (go to Appearance > Widgets and look for “WooCommerce Constant Contact”) that will display a signup form for the email list you select:


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