WooCommerce Attribute Stock – Share Stock Between Products

WooCommerce Attribute Stock – Share Stock Between Products ... Share stock between products/variations using attributes. This plugin allows ...


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Share stock between products/variations using attributes.

Our plugin allows you to create stock based on global product attributes. A simple feature in concept, yet extremely versatile, fulfilling a wide range of use cases.

Easily track and manage shared product stock, variable stock, linked stock, product addons, product combos, parts, measurements, ingredients, and much more!

Please note the LITE version does not display available stock on the frontend or prevent over-purchasing. This feature is only available in the full version.


Let’s say you have an online store that sells custom printed t-shirts, with each t-shirt print listed as a product on your site. Simple enough, right?

Not exactly… Since WooCommerce can only track stock at the product level, there’s no way to keep track of the total number of blank t-shirts you have in stock between each of your products.

Your stock levels would quickly go out of sync and your customers would be able to purchase 10 different prints even if you only have one t-shirt left in stock!


With WooCommerce Attribute Stock you can easily share stock between any number of products or variations. This is achieved by managing stock based on product attributes, making it extremely flexible while still familiar and easy to use.

Shared stock levels are accurately tracked, available stock is displayed to customers, and over-purchasing is prevented.

See the examples section below for more advanced stock setups made possible with attribute stock.


Attribute-based stock
Manage stock at the attribute level. Share stock between all products/variations with one or more assigned attributes.

Limit product stock (Full version only)
Display the effective product stock available on the frontend and prevent over-purchasing.

Quantity multiplier
Specify the amount of stock reduced per purchase (including decimal values). Useful for measurements, weights, packs, lengths, etc.

Stock management
Admin page for easy management of attribute stock items. Set SKUs, internal notes, low stock threshold, product filters, and more.

Stock reports
Keep track of your attribute stock with WooCommerce stock reports.

Low stock emails
Receive email notifications for low stock and out of stock attributes.

REST API (Full version only)
Manage your attribute stock from external software with our fully integrated WooCommerce REST API endpoint.

Highly compatible
Works well with many plugins, such as Variation Swatch plugins, POS systems, Subscriptions, Product Bundles, Waitlists, Cart Stock Reducer, WP-Lister, WPML, Polylang, and more.

Developer friendly
Almost anything that can’t already be configured can be added or changed with actions and filters.

Please note that WordPress Multisite and multi-store synchronisation is not currently supported.



With attribute-level stock it’s possible to track variable stock (different amounts per item). Let’s say your shop sells Tea by the gram. Simply set your total stock on an attribute Tea and add terms such as 25g50g100g, etc. By setting a quantity multiplier, each deducts the respective amount from your total stock. This works the same for lengths, quantities, or combo packs.


Multiple attributes per stock item can also be managed. Imagine you sold necklace pendants with various chains. Each chain has a type and a length. With attribute stock you can accurately track multiple chain inventories shared between each of your pendants and ensure items are not over-purchased.


Attribute stock can be used in many more cases. For example, event tickets can be sold with a limited number of seatsdays, or both. Different levels of tickets can be sold as separate products while sharing one or more central stock pools.


The WooCommerce Attribute Stock online documentation can be viewed here.



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