WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns

Coupon Campaigns integrates directly into your WooCommerce reporting dashboard. This enables performance tracking of campaigns across various date​ ...


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Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns & Tracking - 1

Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns & Tracking - 2

Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns & Tracking - 3

Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns & Tracking - 4

Woocommerce Coupon Campaigns & Tracking - 5

Version 1.3 Release Date 04.11.2020
* Fixed - Compatible with WordPress 5.5.x 
* Fixed - Compatible with Woocommerce 4.6.x 
Version 1.1 Release Date 27.04.2019
* Fixed - Compatible with WordPress 5.1.x 
* Fixed - Compatible with Woocommerce 3.5.x 


Key Features

  • Easily configure.
  • Easy to use with default woocommerce coupon system.
  • Visual reports of coupon campaign performance .
  • Export reports as CVS.
  • Show total order on each campaign.
  • Show total discount on each campaign.
  • Show total revenue for each campaign.
  • Show report between a date range.

Version 1.0 Release Date 03.16.2017

  • Plugin Release

Coupon Campaigns for WooCommerce, today.


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