Woocommerce csv import Export Plugin – Orders, Customers, Products

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WooCommerce export products plugin also enables you to import products, categories, customers, and orders on your e-store. You can import the data in a zip file...


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WooCommerce CSV Import Export plugin helps you quickly import or export products, categories, customers, or orders details in bulk. With export filters, you can extract a list of selective products, categories, customers and orders in a CSV file. You can set maximum entries to ensure importing or exporting data in limits. WooCommerce Import products plugin is powered by PHP Excel library that speeds up the import and export operations.

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  • Import/Export Products, Categories, Orders, and Customers
  • Exports the Data in CSV file which is easily Customizable
  • Filters to Export Specific Type of Data
  • Uses PHP Excel Library for quick Import and Export
  • Configure Maximum Entries to Import/Export in Each Set
  • Import / Export Coupons (New)
  • Import / Export Product Reviews (New)

WooCommerce OptimusX Offer

Download Required Customers’ Data with a Click

With WooCommerce export products plugin, you can download customers’ data out of your store with selective attributes. Get a complete list of customers or set filters to grab a list of customers you need the most. For example, you can extract a list of customers from a specific city, country, or common name. Add various filters like First Name, Last Name, Company, Email, Phone, Address, Country, City, State, and Post Code.


Export Orders With Respect to its Attributes

With WooCommerce CSV Import Export plugin, you can get a list of orders with respect to its attributes like pending or complete orders. You can grab a complete list of orders or filter specific orders to export. You can configure any or all of the filters including Order date, Order ID, Order Status, Order Total, Customer Name, Billing Country, Shipping Country, and Product Name.


Extract All or Specific Categories with Export Filters

WooCommerce export orders plugin gives the freedom to export the entire catalog or set filters to extract only the required once. You can export different product information by utilizing numerous filters like name, description, parent, slug, or display type. Set as much filters as you need to get the right form of data extracted to a CSV file.


Add Filters to Export Selective Products

With the help of WooCommerce import products plugin, you can download a complete list of products to a CSV file with a click. The addition of filters empowers you to export products with specific information only. For example, you can extract products by name, type, or price. The available filters are name, description, SKU, slug, type, featured, price, sale price, category, stock status, date added, length, width, height, weight, and quantity.


Import Products, Categories, Customers, or Orders with a Click

Bring in the entire data of products, categories, customers, or orders in parts by importing a zip file. WooCommerce export products plugin empowers you to have all the required data in your recently created online store. You can import complete products or categories in bulk to avoid committing mistakes.


Define a limit by setting Maximum Entries to Import or Export

You can set maximum entries to import or export data in limits. It allows you to add or extract data in parts. Import a limited number of entries, review and approve them, and move on to importing more. In the same way, export product or categories in limits to ensure the data is accurate and useful.


PHP Excel library Expedites Import and Export activities

WooCommerce export orders plugin is powered by PHP Excel library which ensures adding or extracting details from your online store is fast and smooth. Whether you import a category or products in bulk, it can be done within a few clicks.

Additional Features – WooCommerce CSV Import Export

  • Import or export data in bulk
  • Export a customizable CSV file that is easy to edit
  • Import Product or Category as new to your online store
  • Import or Export products, categories, customers, and orders in parts




1. Can we export products by categories?

Ans. Yes, you can export products by categories and following:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Parent
  • Slug
  • Display type

2. Can we export orders by customer name?

Ans. Yes you can export orders by using following filters.

  • Order Date
  • Order ID
  • Order Status
  • Order Total
  • Customer Name
  • Billing Country
  • Shipping Country
  • Product Name

3. Can we export customer emails by first and last name?

Ans. Yes, you can export customers by following

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Country
  • City
  • State
  • Post Code

4. Can we export specific categories?

Ans. Yes, you can use filters to export categories by:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Parent
  • Slug
  • Display type

5. Can we export products by SKU?

Ans. Yes, you can export products by

  • Name & Description
  • SKU & Slug
  • Type & Featured
  • Price & Sale Price
  • Category
  • Stock & Product Status
  • Date Added
  • Length/Width/Height
  • Weight & Quantity

Description in Dautch

WooCommerce CSV Import Export plugin helpt u snel producten, categorieën, klanten of details van Order in bulk te importeren of exporteren. Met exportfilters kunt u een lijst met selectieve producten, categorieën, klanten en Order in een CSV-bestand uitpakken. U kunt maximale invoerwaarden instellen om ervoor te zorgen dat de invoer of uitvoer van gegevens in limieten wordt beperkt. WooCommerce Import producten plugin wordt aangedreven door PHP Excel bibliotheek die de import en export versnelt.

  • In- en uitvoer van producten, categorieën, Order en klanten
  • Exporteert de gegevens in CSV-bestand, dat gemakkelijk aanpasbaar is.
  • Filters voor de export van specifieke soorten gegevens
  • Gebruikt PHP Excel-bibliotheek voor snel importeren en exporteren
  • Configureer de maximale in te voeren of te exporteren gegevens in elke set

Description in French

Le plugin WooCommerce CSV Import Export vous permet d’importer ou d’exporter rapidement des produits, catégories, clients oudétails de commandé en vrac. Avec les ffiltre d’exportation, vous pouvez extraire une liste de produits, catégories, clients et commandes sélectifs dans un fichier CSV. Vous Pouvez Définir des entrées maximales pour garantir l’importation et l’exportation de données dans des limites. Le plugin WooCommerce Import est alimenté par la bibliothèque PHP Excel qui accélère les opérations d’importation et d’exportation.

  • Import/Export de produits, catégories, commandes et clients
  • Exporte les données dans un fichier CSV qui est facilement personnalisable.
  • Filtres pour exporter un type de données spécifique
  • Utilise la bibliothèque PHP Excel pour une importation et une exportation rapides
  • Configurer le nombre maximum d’entrées à importer/exporter dans chaque ensemble

Description in Italian

Il plugin WooCommerce CSV Import Export consente di importare o esportare rapidamente prodotti, categorie, clienti o dettagli degli ordini in blocco. Con i filtri di esportazione, puoi estrarre un elenco di prodotti, categorie, clienti e ordini selettivi in un file CSV. È possibile impostare le voci massime per garantire l’importazione o l’esportazione di dati nei limiti. Il plugin WooCommerce per l’importazione dei prodotti è alimentato da una libreria PHP Excel che velocizza le operazioni di importazione ed esportazione.


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