WooCommerce FAQ Plugin - Product FAQ Tab + Store FAQ Page v1.0.5

22-Aug-2017 — WooCommerce FAQ plugin enables you to display store FAQs on separate page as well as product related FAQs exactly on product pages.

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WooCommerce FAQ plugin enables you to display store FAQs on separate page as well as product related FAQs exactly on product pages. Your customers can also use a smart “ask a question” form to ask send new questions. The store admin can review the new questions and enable them on front end with a comprehensive answer.

New Feature Addition: Dedicated FAQs Page

With the WooCommerce FAQ plugin, you can minimize customer support tasks by providing answers to the common questions right on a product pages. This facilitates the users to quickly review the product relevant FAQs and solve their queries, or proceed to ask a question if their concerns are not clear.

WooCommerce OptimusX Offer

Creates a Dedicated FAQs Page on Your e-Store

The additional feature of a separate FAQs page allows you to answer general questions about your business other than product-specific queries. It helps your customers and potential buyers in addressing general enquiries. WooCommerce ask a question plugin also allows you to create the different categories for FAQs based on the nature of questions and allow users to rate your answers as well


WooCommerce Ask a Question Settings:

Users often have a question to ask before they finalize placing an order. Put forth their common questions on the landing page to help them easily make the purchase decision.

Answer using WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG editor helps store admins to format the FAQs and add media to brilliantly answer a specific problem.


View, Edit, Delete Product Questions

All the Questions that you add to the landing pages can be managed from a central admin panel. You can view, edit, or delete them one by one or in a bulk action whenever you need.


Enable ‘Ask a Question’

Add an ‘Ask a Question’ form by enabling it from the backend. It allows the users to quickly inquire about product features, discount offers, or anything else that is not covered in the FAQs.


Ask a Question Form

WooCommerce FAQ plugin puts a simple Ask a question form that allows users to instantly connect with you for product relevant queries. It removes the hesitation to reaching out to store admin.


Public/Private Questions

Users are given the choice to keep their questions private or make them public while asking from the merchant. This gives them the reason to trust a website.


Configure Question Approval

The questions asked by users go pending by default. You can decide either to approve and publish them right away or keep them pending until you review them.


Allow Likes/Dislikes

Enable or disable likes and dislikes option to let the users show the usefulness of answers according to their queries.


Setup Google Recaptcha

Enable Google Recaptcha by configuring the reCaptcha secret and site keys to prevent spam through the ask-a-question form.


Setting For Email Notifications

With WooCommerce ask a question plugin, you can notify the users through email when their question is answered. This prompts the users to read the answer and have the potential to make the user revisit the product page and place an order.

Enable/disable email notification

Enable or disable the sending of email notification to the users upon answering their queries. By default, it is enabled.

Configure sender email

Add an official email address of your business in the sender field to make the communication real and authentic.

Customize email subject

Customize the email subject in a way that looks professional so that users are encouraged to open your email.

Compose a standard email

Write the body content of the email once and it will be reached to every user to whom you answer a question.


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