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Payeezy Gateway: Payeezy Gateway (formerly GGe4, will soon be known as Clover Gateway), lets you accept credit card payments via First Data directly on your .


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WooCommerce First Data – Global Gateway


For full documentation, please see the plugin documentation here. This document will walk through getting credentials for, and configuring, the Global Gateway mode for the plugin.

If your merchant account is currently using the older First Data Global Gateway (not GGe4, just Linkpoint / Global Gateway) we highly recommend upgrading with First Data. We provide this integration as a courtesy “as-is” to merchants who have not updated to Payeezy, but because the Global Gateway is quite outdated, we can’t provide much in the way of active support.

Get Account Credentials

To get your Global Gateway account credentials, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Global Gateway (formerly Linkpoint) account.
  2. Copy your Store ID from the information bar at the top of your screen and save this in the gateway settings.
  3. Go to Support, select Download Center, and click Download Now to get your PEM file (certificate). 
    WooCommerce First Data Global Gateway credentials
    Global Gateway Credentials
  4. Download the API version of your PEM file and save it on your site in a readable directory above your web root (i.e. outside your WordPress installation).
  5. Enter the absolute / full path to the PEM file in the gateway settings.
If you’re not familiar with uploading files via FTP or don’t know what your “web root” is, your hosting provider can help with this process. Ask them to save the PEM file in a readable location above your web root, then to give you the full path to this file for you to save in the gateway settings.

Gateway Settings

You can configure the gateway under WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Global Gateway Credit Card:

  • Enable / Disable – Enable to allow customers to use this gateway to checkout.
  • Title – The name of the payment method customers will see during checkout.
  • Description – The description of the payment method customers will see during checkout. Limited HTML is allowed.
  • Card Verification (CSC) – Enable this to require customers to enter their CVV / CV2 (Card Security Code) when checking out. This can be useful if you have requirements in your First Data account for CV2 verification.
  • Transaction Type – This controls how transactions are submitted to First Data. You may choose either “Charge” or “Authorization”. If you select “Authorizatio



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