WooCommerce Role-Based Payment / Shipping Methods

WooCommerce Role-Based Methods extension gives site administrators the ability to individually limit available Shipping Methods and Payment Gateways for​ ...


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WooCommerce Role Based Payment Gateways/ Shipping Methods gives site administrators the ability to individually limit available Shipping Methods and Payment Gateways for each user role including guests configured in WordPress.

It also contain Multiple User Roles Support based on Role Priority – Check out our Demo for additional information about working behaviour of this plugin.


  • Show/Hide Payment Gateways by User Roles
  • Show/Hide Shipping Methods by User Roles
  • Multiple User Role Support
  • Zone based Shipping Methods
  • Accordion UI Admin Settings
  • Active Status Display in Admin Settings
  • Translate Ready
  • and more


Need of assistance?

If you want to read out our documentation then it can be find it inside zip folder as you download from Envato/CodeCanyon, Inside Documentation Folder open index.html in your prefered web browser to see how it works and how to configure. If need of assistance for you to configure/customize/compatible? we here to help feel free to contact us


Version 2.1 on 16th July 2019
New: Compatible with WooCommerce Better Usability Plugin(https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-better-usability/)
Tweak: Code changed to set the shipping methods properly in cart/checkout
Tweak: Allow shipping methods visibility to load via AJAX (some theme load shipping methods via ajax in checkout)

Version 2.0 on 17th June 2019
Fix: Force Configured shipping methods for corresponding user role(s) in cart/checkout(major change)
Fix: Unable to select shipping methods in cart/checkout as it reset the selection.

Version 1.3 on 04th October 2018
Fix: Conflict between WooCommerce Germanized Plugin with Force Free Shipping Option
Tweak: Revamp function to improve performance

Version 1.2 on 23rd September 2018
Fix: Plugin Activation Problem when WooCommerce Site Wide Activation on Multisite

Version 1.1 on 21st September 2018


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