WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards Nulled

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards Nulled is an innovative customer loyalty rewards plugin for WooCommerce that increases your customer retention​ ...


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The WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards is an all-around points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce that increases your customer retention and skyrockets your conversion rates. If you have been struggling with low sales, you have got to try the ultimate WooCommerce loyalty points and rewards solution. This points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce lets you loyalize your customers by rewarding them with loyalty points. With WooCommerce Points and Rewards, you can efficiently implement a reward system on your eCommerce store. The loyalty points received as rewards by customers are redeemable as offering coupons, discounts on purchases, or other loyalty rewards. Not only that, the points are redeemable to attain the loyalty membership too and become a part of the brand’s loyal members community.

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Are you looking for a WooCommerce loyalty program plugin to implement a points and reward system on your WooCommerce store?

WP Swings has developed a feature-rich and efficient eCommerce solution for customer loyalty – the WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards. Customer acquisition is very taxing on the marketing budget. So, it is very important to grow your loyal customer base in a way that benefits your eCommerce business. Retain loyal customers with our loyalty points and reward plugin. Our points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce is centered on brand loyalty. Use our best solution for implementing a point and reward-based customer loyalty program that makes a difference in your sales! The WooCommerce Rewards plugin rewards your customers with loyalty points on Sign Up, Referral, Product Purchase, Product Reviews, Social share, and other activities performed on your store. Increase Customer Lifetime Value by involving them in your Membership Loyalty Program. The membership feature comes with lucrative levels/tier base programs for keeping your customers engaged and interacting via earning reward points and leveraging the benefits of redeeming points in form of offer coupons and discounts.

What can you do with this Loyalty Rewards plugin?

  • Allow customers to earn reward points on their on-store activities.
  • Reward your customers with reward points in exchange for their brand loyalty.
  • Generate Loyalty discount coupons. For example, offer points that can be redeemed for WooCommerce Sign-up discounts. Similarly, redeem rewards for WooCommerce member discounts.
  • Build your own loyal member’s community and distributor WooCommerce membership points

Benefits of WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards

  • It lets you add features to your store like store credits redemption.
  • You can distribute loyalty points and discounts for customer engagement.
  • Increases your loyal customers by offering reward points on writing a product review, referrals, purchases, and sign-ups.
  • Your customers can earn points on the basis of their on-store activities. More purchases and engagements mean more credit points to reward customers’ loyalty.
  • The WooCommerce reward plugin lets you build your own community of loyal customers.
  • Increase the WooCommerce customer lifetime value with loyalty programs.
  • WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards Offer hemp of Benefits to the merchants and customers both!

WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards features

Key Features of WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards

This is a fully-feature loaded plugin. Here are important features of the WoCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards plugin:

    1. Purchase Products through Reward PointsIf you want loyal customers, you have to offer reward points for product purchases. Additionally, you also have to let the user redeem their points for purchasing products. The loyalty plugin also displays the number of points required to purchase the products.


    1. Coupon GenerationThe merchants can now send the notification to the users after setting up the number of days prior to the date of expiration for the notification. Also, the merchant can customize the whole message of the Email Template. The user can generate the coupon by converting its total points to coupons and use coupons like WooCommerce coupons.


    1. Per Dollar Spent PointsWith our points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce, the customer can earn points on every dollar spent and merchants can set per dollar spent points.


    1. Referral Purchase Point FeatureWhen any new user gets registered through a referral link, then on the purchase of products by a registered user at every order the user who has sent the referral link will receive the referral purchase points. Admin can reward customer purchases and give them referral rewards.


    1. Membership Feature
      • Admin End:Admin can create different levels of Membership, for example, Premium, Silver, Gold, etc. He can assign some loyalty points that will be given as loyalty points and rewards to each membership level. Each level can have some categories and products of the selected categories (if no products are selected then all products of selected categories are assigned to that level), some discount (in %).
      • Front End:When customers will have earned reward points sufficient to reach any level, only that level will be displayed with a select box, with other levels listed in a table. When Customer becomes a member, they will get some offers on selected categories as well as products.


    1. Points ExpirationMerchants can now set points and rewards expiration time periods to redeem points by setting a threshold duration for counting the expiration date using the WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards.


    1. Points Expiration NotificationWith WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards, the admin can now notify its customers to post setting the expiration period for the points earned by the customers via email.


    1. Variable Product SupportMerchants can assign product loyalty points to each product variation also using WooCommerce Points and Rewards.


    1. Purchase Product By Redeeming PointsCustomers can now redeem points to purchase products by making a partial payment with the amount and partially redeeming points. Points can also be redeemed for discounts.


    1. Share Reward Point FeatureWith this feature of the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin, the user can easily share their loyalty points with other users. Thus, loyal customers become your advocates.


    1. Points Log FeatureThe customer can view the earned reward points, coupons on their dashboard, and reward points earned and redeemed by enabling the points-log settings in the membership features section of the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin.


    1. Assign Product PointsWith this WooCommerce loyalty rewards plugin, the admin can assign product rewards to customers. This feature enables easy assignment of product points and assigning points per product category. Assign desired reward points for product purchase.


    1. Return/Deduct PointsDynamically manage the rewarded points based on the return and refund request. In the Return and Deduct Points section, the admin can deduct assigned points to the loyal customer.


    1. Referral PointsThe Referral system for WooCommerce goes hand in hand with the rewards system. The merchant can set properties to reward points to users who invite other customers. The referred customer needs to sign up for the assignment of a successful point. Customers also avail WooCommerce signup discounts.


    1. Sign Up PointsThe WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards plugin is capable of rewarding your customers with points as soon as they register on your website. You can set how many points you want to provide them for registration.


    1. Comments Points (Rewards for Reviews)Reward points to loyal customers for writing a product review. Assign rewards for review with our WooCommerce customer loyalty plugin. The customers post comments on products or posts and are rewarded with points set by the admin.


    1. Per Product Purchase PointsWhen customers post comments on products or posts they are rewarded with points set by the admin.


    1. Redeem Points ConversionThe admin is required to set the points, their corresponding price, and the coupon amount received by the customer on converting each point to coupon price.


    1. Minimum Points Required For Generating CouponThe admin can set the minimum points count required by the customer to generate the coupon. As soon as the user’s points count reaches the minimum required points value then he will be eligible to generate the coupon.


    1. Custom ConversionThe user can be allowed to convert his chosen points out of his total available points to coupons.


    1. Individual UseThe merchant can set that coupon is used as an individual coupon on a cart or can be used in conjunction with other coupons on the cart.


    1. Coupon LengthMerchant has the ability to define Coupon length from setting. The default length of the Coupon is 5.


    1. Coupon ExpiryThe merchant has the ability to set the expiry date of the coupons generated by the users


    1. Coupon UsageThe merchant can set how many times he wants the customers to use that particular coupon.


    1. Points TableLists all the users who have received the points. The admin has the ability to modify user points and delete the user from the table.


    1. Front End Points TabNew Points Section Tab is added to my account page in which referral links, current points, and coupon tables are provided for customers. The customer can also generate coupons from this section.


    1. Points TableLists all the users who have received the points. The admin has the ability to modify user points and delete the user from the table.


    1. Points NotificationThe Merchant can enable points notification through email for a customer at the time of points increment. Here if the setting is enabled then, a points notification email is sent to the customer automatically according to get points purpose email settings.


    1. Bulk Product PointsThe Merchant can set per product purchase points in bulk from the bulk product points setting.


    1. Points log featureBoth admin and customer can see points log details, like on which date and event the customer has got those points.


    1. Points TableLists all the users who have received the points. The admin has the ability to modify user points and delete the user from the table.


    1. Social Media ShareThe user can also share their Referral link in social media i.e, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.


    1. Referral PointsThe user can also share their Referral link on social media i.e, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.


    1. Enable/Disable Social Media SharingNow the admin has an option to enable/disable the social media share feature and also has an option where he wants to show their referral links.


    1. Field denoting your pointsNow admin has an option to replace “My Points” with any Custom Text that he wants.


    1. Enter Ways to Gain PointsNow admin has an option to describe gain points on the My Account points page.


    1. Only Referral Points are AssignedBefore using this feature make sure the referral points and referral purchase points should be enabled then admin can use this feature, in this feature user can only get the referral purchase point.


    1. Membership ExpirationThe admin can set the expiration date for the membership feature.


    1. Restriction on Products Purchased Through Reward PointsIn this feature admin can restrict some product or product categories for “Products Purchased Through Reward Points”.


    1. WidgetsIn this version, we add the Widget for showing “Current Points”, “Current Membership Level” and “Membership Expiration”.


    1. User Notification AddonWooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards supports the user notification feature. The registered and guest users receive notifications about their points balance. At the same time, it guides them on ways to earn more points and redeem them.

1. Real-Time Notifications: The customers stay updated regarding their transaction history and point balance after every purchase and redemption. It gives real-time notification to users for:

a. Total points collected

b. Points balance after points

c. Ways to redeem and manage points and rewards on store

d. Successfully earned or redeemed points notification

2. Guide Customers to Earn More Points & Greater Sign-Ups: The admin can share quick tips guiding guest users and registered customers to earn more points for more significant benefits. For example, asking customers to write a review, place an order of a particular value, a referral’s purchase, or refer a friend. Via pop-up notification, the admin can urge guest users to sign-up too.

3. Point Redemption Options: The user can apply points on cart subtotal or convert points to coupons that customers can use later for other purchases.

WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards key features

WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards redeem points

WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards premimum settings

WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards membership features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have installed WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards plugin and all I get on the points page is a 404 error?

A. After activating WooCommerce Ultimate Points & Rewards extension, please save the permalinks.

Q. What is the difference between “Redeem Points Conversion” and “Per $ Points Conversion” and also what’s the use of “Enter Product Points”?

A.1) About Redeem Points Conversion – In this setting Merchant can set the amount required for converting reward points to generate the coupon. For example, if you have set the value 1, the point will be equivalent to 1$ (for your site) and if any user has 50 points then he or she will get the coupon amount of 50$ after converting it from My Account section.

2) About Per $ Points Conversion – Let’s take an example if Merchant has set the $1 = 1point (for their site) and any customer will purchase any product with 50$ then he or she will be rewarded with 50 points.

3) About Enter Product Points – From here Merchant can select some product and can set the Points for a particular product, and if any user will purchase that selected product he or she will be rewarded with those Points.

Q. What happens when an old order that was completed but the gets refunded and How does the plugin handle the points that were received from the refunded order?

A. There are total two ways for handling the refund request.

1) Earn Points

Product Assigned Points: When a user makes a refund request for that product which has some of the assigned points then after refunding the amount, the earned points will be deducted from his/her account.

Per $ Spent Point: When a user makes a refund request for an order from which he/she earned points, then after refunding the amount, earned points will be deducted from his/her account.

2) Deduct Points:

Product Purchase through Points: When a customer makes any refund request for that product which has been purchased free of cost(by using his/her points) then after refund request, deducted points will be refunded to his/her account.

ultimate points and rewards faqs

WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards key features

This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliant as it does not store any sensitive data of a user. It only holds information related to software which is run by WordPress & WooCommerce of the holder.

Thank-you for your interest in WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards, WP Swings.

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