WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications v2.8.2

WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

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WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

WooCommerce Custom Order Status. WPNotif is 100% compatible with WooCommerce, even if you are using custom order status you will be able to setup

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9 January 2022 - Version 2.6.1
  - Improved: Android 12 Support for WPNotif App
  - Improved: Gupshup WhatsApp integration
  - Improved: Gateway.sa integration
  - Improved: Branded SMS Pakistan integration
  - Improved: SMSCountry gateway unicode support
  - Improved: From support in sms.ru
  - Improved: Test gateway phone number field
  - Fixed: Gravity Forms Edit Entry not saving phone number
  - Fixed: WC Order status change notification not triggering from Vendor Dashboard
  - Fixed: Newsletter sending duplicate in very rare cases
  - Fixed: WhatsApp notification not working when SMS template is empty
  - Fixed: Issues with 360Dialog gateway
  - Fixed: Issues with eskiz.uz gateway
  - Fixed: Disable cron job setting not getting saved
  - Fixed: Custom trigger not working in some cases
  - Fixed: {{vendor-name}} not working when using {{orderitem- in same template

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Wpnotif lets you send notifications using SMS or WhatsApp to your customers from your WordPress site. The plugin is also fully compatible with WooCommerce and you can setup automatic notification triggers for your customers whenever they create a new order or whenever the status of that order is changed. Site admins including, store owners, editors etc can also setup messages or WhatsApp notifications for themselves.

Different Gateway for Different Countries

You can also setup different gateways for different countries which can help you in reduncing your SMS cost and at the same time increase deliverability

You have the right to chose the cheapest gateway you want or use a combination of those.

Multi-Lingual SMS Template

Having customers from different countries who speak different languages is not a problem, you can setup SMS templates in multiple languages.

Why send same message again and again when you can make your customer feel special by sending different message to everyone or every subsequent message.

WhatsApp Message Notification

Send WhatsApp message notification to your customers alongside SMS or if you don’t want to send SMS notifications then you can turn that setting off and just use WhatsApp Messages.

Smart country code detection

It doesn’t matter if your mobile number field has a country code in it or not, WPNotif is smart enough to find it out and if its not present then put the country code in place automatically


  • Multisite Support
  • 20+ SMS Integrated Gateways
  • Quick Send SMS (Manual)
  • Send SMS from Order Page
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Translation Ready
  • Full WooCommerce Support
  • Automatic WooCommerce Order Status Update Notification
  • Manually trigger order Status SMS
  • Supports Multi Country


We have more than 170+ gateways dedicatedly integrated with the plugin. And even if your gateway is not in the list, you can still use your gateway with our custom gateway integration feature.

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