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    Frequently Bought Together is a WooCommerce plugin that lets stores easily add cross-sells, upsells, and custom product bundles to their product page.


    You’ll see the “frequently bought together” boxes on the vast majority of eCommerce sites. Stores like Amazon use “frequently bought together” to increase customer average order value through cross-sells and upsells.


    Frequently Bought Together lets you easily add and customize this for your WooCommerce product pages.


    Key features:


    ✅ Create bulk upsells for every product in a category

    ✅ Disable and enable bundles, without completely removing them from your store

    ✅ Customize the frequently bought together widget display, on the product page

    ✅ Assign multiple special offers (through frequently bought together bundles) to one product

    Here the official url: Check


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