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    I’ve seen a lot of members saying “I have a white screen, why?”. With the risk of being considered blunt, I have to say that this is a totally dumb question (with emphasis on “totally dumb”). I know that not all have advanced programming knowledge but this is basic knowledge. First of all, you check the error log of your server. You will find there all you need to report the error.

    Following is how to properly report an error and ask for help (categorized):

    • Machine type
    • Web server type
    • Php version
    • Application framework
    • Last lines of your server error log

    Before you report an error make sure that you followed the required steps to install the app/plugin/theme and the requirements are fulfilled. For most of your questions (like: how do I activate debug) you can find the answer on Google so don’t be afraid to use it. Google is your best friend.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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